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Reinventing Traditional Styles with Flexibility and Variety

The greatest benefit of custom clothing is you can combine the quality of the finest fabrics with your own preferred styling and details. You get to be the designer, with access to the highest quality materials and craftsmanship available. The vast array of styling options we offer combined with our commitment to quality and fit has been responsible for our history as one of the finest custom tailoring houses in the world, and these commitments combined with our drive to innovate has allowed us to remain a leader in custom menswear. Our dealers and customers can create a truly personal garment that they can wear for years with confidence, respect, and appreciation.


As accepted in the boardroom as mahogany and marble, these traditionally styled coats are easily recognized as the foundation of the conservative gentleman’s wardrobe. Traditional high gorge lines and button stances are details characteristic of these classic fitting, conventionally tapered coats. Natural and medium shoulders, in two and three button models, all reflect lasting good taste in the time-honored traditional style.

London Body

Our London Body suits are vintage-inspired sophistication in a modern-cut suit. These “7000” Series models are narrow across the shoulders, and trimmer through the chest and waist.  The higher armhole and trimmer sleeve models are designed for the gentleman who understands fashion and enjoys a close fitting garment. This European style is tapered at the waist and may be more flattering for thin men who like their clothing more fitted.  These jackets would almost certainly be paired with side vents and flat front trousers with no cuffs adding lower slanted pockets and even a slanted ticket pocket would make you right at home at Liverpool Street Station or Regency Street.

Although this cut may be a bit uncomfortable at first to a gentleman who is accustomed to a classic cut, the London Body has arrived on the scene and it is a must for the gentleman who wants to stay ahead of the game! These models are best suited to younger clients and not recommended for sizes over 44 chest.

Rope Shoulder Models

Shoulder expression is one of the most important features of a tailored jacket. For the gentleman who understands style and enjoys making a statement with his clothing, our Rope Shoulder Models quite simply fit the bill. Although traditionally the rope shoulder is paired with a medium shoulder pad, a natural shoulder pad is certainly in play here.

Men of all shapes can wear the Rope Shoulder look as it conveys a very masculine look. Especially for those who spend a lot of time in the gym, this look certainly accentuates the V shaped silhouette. Equally as appropriate on a suit, blazer, or even tuxedo, adding this style is guaranteed to energize any wardrobe.

Mature Body

For the client who enjoys comfort and the standard suits off the rack haven’t worked in the past, you finally have choices.  Of all the fabrics in our collection the one thing that they have in common is that they are all in your size!  For years, the ready-made garments have just not cut it when it comes to gentlemen of size. You no longer have to settle for sloppy or dated. Now you can have the fabric you desire, create your own look and have your garments detailed with features that you never thought possible.

These mature models are cut to your measurements that allow for ease and comfort that you may have never experienced before. Choose your favorite fabric, the details of your garment and prepare yourself for the most flattering garment you have ever worn. Welcome to the vast and varied world of choices, enjoy!

Formal Wear

As a basic component or a crowning achievement, an elegant gentleman’s wardrobe would simply not be complete without the inclusion of a custom tuxedo. From leading edge fashion to the classic traditional models, these handsome formal styles can be tailored in single or double-breasted models with peak, notch or shawl collars. Every lady thinks a gentleman looks good in a tuxedo.


No longer merely a defense mechanism against the harsh elements, men’s topcoats and commuter coats are an integral part of a complete wardrobe. Men with impeccable style and discriminating taste wear outerwear in cold weather. Whether regularly enduring cold weather or just an occasional traveler to such regions, every fashionable gentleman should own at least one piece of outerwear.

Choose the updated sophistication of a double-breasted model or a traditional single-breasted model with clean, classic lines; or elect for the shorter and sleeker style of a commuter coat for a more casual look.  Custom tailored outerwear looks good, and promises to endure years of wear and unpredictable changes in both weather and fashion.

Trouser Models and Options

Classic suit trousers, casual slacks, or the perfect pair of elegant wools to accentuate your new sport jacket, choosing the style and details are just as important as any garment in your wardrobe. You’ll find it all here, from classic double-pleated cuffed trousers to the latest trim flat front trouser. Trousers for work, to throw on with a golf shirt or your favorite sweater, you have a multitude of choices in style and detail.

From front and hip pocket choices, waistband treatments all the way to the heel guards, you can design each trouser differently for the occasion you have in mind. Enjoy the journey through the following extras and options for all your trouser choices.


As an essential element of a suit, a complementary component to a sport jacket ensemble, or a fashionable foundation to a great casual outfit, there is a signature vest style for every gentleman. Vests with or without lapels, single or double breasted are all available with a number of pocket details. Traditional, Formal, and European fashion models are all represented in these vest styles.

Options & Extras

It is the sum total of all of the details that create a gentleman’s personal wardrobe style. From buttons and buttonholes to pocket preferences and pic stitches, custom tailoring affords one an almost endless combination of styling details.

Whether it’s the vent style or real functional button holes on your coat sleeve, or the carefully crafted pic stitches on the coat lapels, it is the details that gentlemen cannot find on a ready made jacket that add up to personal refinement and style.  For the fashion forward there are endless choices including pocket details, sleeve vent treatments, under collar colors and a multitude of thread colors for the buttonholes and pic stitching.

And speaking of options and extras, John H. Daniel exclusively offers the ‘American Freedom Package’ so that your client receives the details on his garment that he desires while helping you maintain your margins. There are NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES for these styling and detail options IF SPECIFIED IN YOUR STANDARDS OR on YOUR ORDER:


  • Personal Label
  • Full Lining and Card Pocket
  • Additional Card Pocket on Right side of Jacket
  • Cell Phone Pocket
  • Passport Pocket
  • Pen Pocket
  • Cloth Pocket Cords
  • Side Vent Strap
  • Sweat Shields
  • Imitation Buttonholes


  • Snugtex
  • Trouser lining – Half-lined Front, Half –lined back, Half-lined Front and Back
  • Reinforced Crotch
  • Offset Pockets
  • Triple, Four or Box Pleats
  • Deepen Pleat Depth

*Please note that these options are FREE FOR DEALERS but are NOT automatically added to your order. You must check or write these extras on your order form.


John H. Daniel has been a custom tailoring shop since 1928. Each pattern is started from scratch and each suit is cut and sewn one at a time, versus an assembly-line production shop. The creation of a custom suit requires a minimum of eleven measurements: overarm, chest, coat waist, coat length, sleeve outseam or inseam, pant waist, pant seat, pant outseam, pant inseam (or rise), knee and bottom. Also, you can include measuring device readings for shoulder slope and incline measurements or simply circle the images on the order form closest to the client’s shoulders and posture.

Although not required, if you wish, you can also include the coat ½ back, coat ½ girth, point-to-point, skin bicep and skin thigh, pant front to floor and back to floor. Once you have been approved for an account and have access to our dealer site, the entire measuring process for the coat, vest and trouser is available in words and illustrations. Also on the website you will find helpful standard measurement charts for coats and both plain front and pleated trouser to assist with custom fitting.

Accurate measurements, cross-referenced with standard measurement charts, and photographs of the your client e-mailed to us with the order enhance optimal fit and comfort in custom-tailored clothing. Also, an affordable line of fit jackets is available. This is an invaluable resource to help you reduce alterations and show features of your garments.

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