Why Custom Clothing Is Better Than Off The Rack

If you’ve never experienced custom clothing, there are several reasons why custom clothing is better than off the rack garments. There’s not a tailored suit, jacket, or shirt in your closet? Here are just a few advantages you’re missing out on.
  1. You’ll save so much time so you can focus on the bigger things in your life. No more endless hours trying on clothes in fitting rooms. Pick a fabric and style your garment, knowing that it’s going to look and fit great.
  2. Custom clothing will fit better and look better than anything you purchase off the rack.
  3. You can express your own style by customizing your suit’s fabric, lining, thread, buttons, and so much more. The possibilities are literally endless.
  4. Custom clothing is made with greater care and with better materials than clothes you buy from a typical menswear store. It will almost always last a lot longer which means it’s a better investment.
  5. You’ll get expert advice from wardrobe consultants on how to choose a fit and style that work with your build and personal taste to create an unparalleled look.
At John H. Daniel, we give you an easy, relaxed clothing experience so you can look your best with minimal time and effort. We invite you to come visit us in Knoxville to see our line of tailored suits, blazers, tuxedos, jeans, and shirts. We’ve been making the most luxurious custom menswear since 1928. Let us become your new Tennessee tailoring tradition.

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